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The Raven Center Astrology Page

© 1999 By John R. Milam

This is a new page, but watch us grow! We will be adding much new astrological information - almost daily, definitely every week. So, please check back here often.

~ Table Of Contents ~
The Basics
The Elements
The Qualities
The Planets
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The Basics

Astrology is more than just one's Sun-sign ("my sign") which is looked-up in a newspaper or magazine. The Sun's position at birth is very important, but it is not sole indicator of one's personality, nor is it the only significator of future life influences and trends. The Sun's Zodiac sign is but a fraction, albeit a large fraction, of the total picture. This is why it is so necessary to have the complete natal (birth) chart calculated and interpreted by a professional astrologer.

The Elements

   The elements are the basic factors of astrology. They color the manner in which a given planet will act in a given sign.


   Fire is the element of the spirit. It is the spark of life within the native. It is associated with will, enthusiasm, high-spirited, but not necessariy spiritualty. In ancient cosmology, it corresponded to energy, as opposed to matter.


   Earth is the element of the body. It represents the material, solid things of the universe. It is associated with practicality and materialism. It corresponds to the solid state of matter.


   Air is the element of the mind. It reperesents thoughts, mental activity, abstact ideas. It corresponds to the gaseous state of matter.


   Water is the element of the soul. It represents the emotions, memories, feelings, psychism. It corresponds to the liquid state of matter.

The Qualities


   Cardinal is the quality of intiation. The cardinal signs show the beginnings of matters in the four elements.


   Fixed is the quality of concentration. The fixed signs tend to concentrate matters in the four elements.


   Mutable is the quality of change. The mutable signs tend to change and disperse matters in the four elements.

The Planets*

(*Including: Sun, Moon, Asc., etc.)

   The planets are activators of the chart. The sign and House characteristics remain dormant until acted upon by a "planet".

~ The Foundation Planets ~

   The "Foundation Planets" reveal information about who the native really is.


   The Sun is the indicator of basic personality in a natal chart. It shows who the native really is. It reveals the native's true nature.


   The Moon is the significator of the emotional personality. It shows also the native's habit patterns and the manner of instinctive response.


   The Ascendent shows the persona or outer personality of the native. It is the "face" the native has learned to present to others. It is also the anchor of the entire chart, in as much as the birth chart reveals how the native interacts with the world.

~ The Interpersonal Planets ~

   The "Interpersonal Planets" show the manner in which the native relates to others on a person to person basis.


   Mercury indicates how the native's mind works. Mercury also reveals how the native relates to others through communication. Mercury is the planet of mental functioning, dexterity & communication.


   Venus shows how the native seeks harmony with others. She also shows the nature of the native's affections and the manner of attracting others. In love, Venus shows how the native attracts a mates.


   Mars is the native's energy and drive. He also reveals the manner and degree of self - assertion. In love, Mars shows how the native pursues a mate.

~ The Society Planets ~

   The "Society Planets" indicates the areas in society where the native is most confident and where s/he feels most limited.


   Jupiter reveals the manner in which the native is most confident. It shows, by its house the area of life in the native's confidence is most easily expressed - where the native is most optimistic.


   Saturn is the teacher and the disciplnarian of the Solar System. His placement reveals the inhibitions of the native, that which the native is inadequate. Saturn's house indicates the area of life where the native feels most limited and restricted.


   The MC is not really a planet, but a mathematical point in the heavens. If the Ascendent is the outer personality, the persona, then the MC is the public personality of the native - should s/he be a public person. It marks the point of one's desire to make one's mark in the world - the point of ambition. In many house systems, the MC marks the 10th House cusp. This association with the 10th house shows the area of career, ambition, public status, etc.

~ The Historical Planets ~

   These last three planets move slowly and have a similar sin influence upon everyone in the same age group. They may be less influential, by sign, on those who lead a more or less mundane life, unless they happen to have their Sun, Asc. or Moon in a sign ruled by these planets, ie. in Aquarius, Pisces or Scorpio.


   Uranus has the same sign effect upon all within the same peer group because Uranus takes 7 years to transit (go through) a sign. Uranus shows the native's inclination to break free of conventional norms - it is the rebel of the Zodiac. It often shows how a particular age group will try to separate themselves from the norms of their parents and previous age groups..It can also be the point of innovation in the natal chart.


   Neptune has the same sign effect upon all within the same sub-generation because Neptune takes about 12 years to transit a sign. Neptune also works against established norms, but it is inclined to pervert and undermine, rather than to confront outright. Neptune is the "stuff that dreams are made of", escapism and vision.


   Pluto has the same sign effect upon all within the same generation because Pluto takes a generation to transit a sign. Where Uranus rebels against established norms and Neptune perverts them, Pluto seeks to completely destroy and rebuild - it is the planet of the dedicated revolutionary. Pluto also governs societies which exist below the surface of established society, eg. organized crime, revolutionary parties, espionage, secret police agencies, etc. It is also the planet of the surgeon who cuts out that which is diseased in order that the organism might survive. Pluto's discovery brought with it World War II and the "Atomic Age".

~ Other Points In The Chart ~

Moon's Nodes:

   The Moon's Nodes represent the general karmic direction of the native's life. TheNorth Node reveals the direction that one should take, the lessons to be learned, one's "mission in life". The South Node shows that which has already been done in the past, the lessons learned. It is also the path of least resistance, due its familiarity, the "easy way out".

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